Cataract Waitlist

Waiting List Program Information
The Misericordia Health Centre has developed this program to improve eye surgery scheduling.

This program and the information collected is meant to keep waiting times to a reasonable level and be fair for ALL patients with an equal degree of visual impairment.

Under the program, ALL eye patients requiring cataract surgery are registered by the Misericordia Health Centre after their surgeon forwards their name for surgery.

Prioritization…How it Works
To ensure prioritization is consistent from surgeon to surgeon, a scoring system was developed by all the ophthalmologists. The point system is based on:

  • Length of time waiting for surgery.
  • Degree of visual impairment
  • Potential job loss or loss of a driver’s license because of cataracts.

The degree of visual impairment will be determined by a telephone questionnaire that has been validated by international standard studies.

Each month, each eye surgeon will receive a confidential report listing all of their patients registered in the waiting list program and ranked in order of their prioritization based on the agreed scoring system.

It should be understood that the list will serve as a guide regarding a patient’s priority, your eye surgeon still retains the right to move patients forward based on additional information that they feel is important. The eye surgeons, and not the Misericordia Health Centre, will continue to decide on the order of patients.

For further information, please contact your eye surgeon.