Vision Screening Education and Trainer Sessions’ Costs

Our program offers individualized vision screening workshops at Misericordia Health Centre or conveniently at your facility.

We offer two types of education:

Vision screening certification

This session is four hours. After the completion of the session, participants will be certified to vision screen older adults, but will not be certified to teach vision screening to others.

This session includes the following components:

  • Vision Screening kit
  • Education:
    • on how to complete a vision screening examination
    • on the significance of vision care and how it relates to falls and fractures
    • on the effectiveness of this program to prevent falls of older adults
    • Recertification (every two years)

Train-the-trainer certification session

This session is eight hours. Upon completion, participants will be certified to vision screen older adults and train other staff on how to complete a vision screening. In addition to the educational components listed above, they will receive the following:

  • Practice time and instruction on how to teach the vision screening process to others
  • Adult-learning strategies
  • Instructional DVD
  • Educational material
  • Ongoing educational support
  • Recertification as trainers every two years

Within Manitoba

Facilities and health regions within Manitoba can participate in either a four-hour vision screening education session or an eight-hour train-the-trainer session. Facilitator costs are generously provided by Manitoba Health and Manitoba Healthy Living, Youth and Seniors. Vision screening participants pay $25 to cover the costs of supplies. Train-the-trainer participants pay $75.

To book your individualized sessions, please call the Focus on Falls Prevention hotline at 204-788-8488.

Outside Manitoba

Our train-the-trainer workshop pricing is as follows with a maximum class size of six:

  • Facilitator travel, hotel, meals and $500/day
  • $75 per participant to cover the cost of supplies

If you want to train more than six staff at one time please contact the program for additional fee information.

Vision Screening Products

Once you have been trained by our staff, additional vision screening products are available for trainers to purchase. These include:

  • Instructional DVDs
  • Vision screening kits

To order a vision screening product, please call our Focus on Falls Prevention hotline at 204-788-8488.

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