1913_nurses-with-babiesThe Misericordia Sisters began their service here in Winnipeg in 1898. The Sisters played a strong role in the community, taking care of young single mothers and their babies. Their commitment was to serve, a true reflection of their motto: Compassion of the heart for those in need.

The need for their caring service quickly grew. Their early days foreshadowed the development of expanded service that would bring the Sisters’ health-care provision to a new and broader base. Their facility, owned and operated by the Sisters, eventually expanded and became known as the Misericordia General Hospital.

During much of this early period, service expanded to meet the growing needs of this thriving prairie community. At that time, funding came from charity and private payment for services. Over the years, funding later came from the province.

More recently, our facility ownership changed from the Misericordia Sisters to the Misericordia Corporation within the Archdiocese of Winnipeg. Today, funding for programs and services is administered through the Winnipeg Health Region and charitable donations.

While our role has continued to change over the years, we remain guided by the tradition of the Misericordia Sisters. We proudly remain committed to our values as a faith-based caring health centre.