MHC’s Historical Chronology

1898 – Four Misericordia Sisters arrive in Winnipeg from Montreal to care for abandoned children as well as young women and their babies.

1900 – The Misericordia Sisters realize the increasing needs of the community and move to two and a half acres of land between Sherbrook and Maryland streets to establish the Winnipeg Maternity Hospital.

1916 – The Sisters open the Misericordia School of Nursing; graduates were well respected and highly sought after, primarily due to their faith-based training.

1917 – Winnipeg Maternity Hospital name changes to Misericordia General Hospital with 125 beds, 50 bassinets and 50 medical practitioners.

1922 – Misericordia General Hospital awarded a grade “A” facility approval from the Catholic Association of Federated Hospitals and the American College of Surgeons.

1927 – Misericordia General Hospital enlarged from 125 to 225 beds.

1950 – Maryland Wing added, bringing the total number of beds to 305.

1953 – Shea family’s significant donation allows Misericordia’s expansion to go forward.

1954 – Construction begins on the Cornish and Wolseley West additions bringing the total number of beds to 418, with 60 bassinets and a full range of diagnostic services.

1950 – 1959 – During the 1950s the Misericordia Sisters have the strongest presence in Winnipeg, with over 45 Sisters involved and active.

1962 – New nurses’ residence constructed to accommodate 200 students.

1965 – The care of single mothers and their babies separates from Misericordia General Hospital with the opening of Villa Rosa, a home for single mothers.

1971 – Riverview Annex constructed, housing the new Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit.

1983 – Misericordia Health Centre’s Foundation incorporates.

1985 – 1988 – Parkade, Central Energy Plant and overpass built.

1990 – Maryland North buildings, Carpentry and Paint Shop demolished.

1991 – New Receiving Area and Dietetic Production area completed.

1993 – Eye Care Centre of Excellence consolidated and established at Misericordia. Pediatrics and Inpatient Psychiatry removed and consolidated at other facilities.

1994 – Care-A-Van purchased: a staff-initiated program taking care into the community.

1995 – Misericordia General Hospital receives the Manitoba Quality Award.

1997 – Obstetrics Department and School of Nursing closes.

1998 – Misericordia General Hospital becomes known as Misericordia Health Centre (MHC), reflecting its new role. Urgent Care Centre opens; 174 Interim Long-Term Care beds open.

1998 – Wolseley Family Place, a family resource drop-in centre, opens to meet changing community needs.

2000 – Misericordia Place, a 100-bed Personal Care Home, opens.

2001 – Wolseley Family Place incorporates.

2002 – PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT) begins in Eye Care Centre of Excellence.

2004 – Health Links-Info Santé expands to a 35-seat provincial call centre called the Provincial Health Contact Centre (PHCC).

2004 – The two remaining Misericordia Sisters residing in Winnipeg announce they will be returning to the Motherhouse in Montreal. A brightly lit cross is placed atop the Misericordia Health Centre to honour the Sisters legacy.

2005 – Pediatric Dental, a new surgical program, opens.

2005 – The MHC Foundation successfully completes a significant fund-raising initiative to make possible a major redevelopment and patient enhancement for our 24/7 Urgent Care Centre.

2006 – The $1.7 million redevelopment of Urgent Care, including a refurbished waiting area, is completed.

2007 – The Honourable Theresa Oswald, Minister of Health, announces Misericordia’s $17.5 million redevelopment plans, including an expansion of our Eye Care Centre of Excellence and Ambulatory Diagnostic Services. New to Misericordia will be a sleep disorder centre, a renal dialysis centre, a chronic care unit and the PRIME program.

2007 – Avastin™ injections, an innovate treatment of wet macular degeneration, begin at our Eye Care Centre of Excellence.

2007 – The Honourable Kerri Irvin-Ross, Minister of Healthy Living, announces the Manitoba Retinal Screening Vision Program based at MHC.

2008 – MHC welcomes the Sleep Disorder Centre to a new expanded home in Wolseley 3 East. Interim Care beds are reduced to 150.

2009 – MHC becomes the first health facility in Winnipeg to offer patients Wi-Fi in waiting areas.

2009 – Provincial Health Contact Centre introduces TeleCARE Manitoba –
a telephone-based program that helps Manitobans with heart failure or Type 2 diabetes manage their condition.

2010 – Urgent Care begins accepting ambulances carrying stable patients.

2010 – Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons approves new University of Manitoba Ophthalmology Residency program, located at MHC.

2010 – Lucentis, another treatment for wet macular degeneration, now offered at our Eye Care Centre of Excellence and covered by Manitoba Health.

2010 – St. Luke’s Chapel transitions to an interim chapel in anticipation of MHC’s
expansive redevelopment.

2010 – Provincial Health Contact Centre introduces Dial-a-Dietitian – a provincial health promotion program that connects Manitobans with dietitians to answer questions and provide advice on food and nutrition.

2010 – MHC begins offering personal care home residents non-emergency blood transfusions in a comfortable environment; this service also eases pressures on Winnipeg emergency rooms.

2011 – Premier Greg Selinger officially announces the start of construction of Phase 1 of Misericordia’s $43 million redevelopment project, ceremoniously swinging a hammer at the soon-to-be-demolished Maryland South building.

2011 – MHC’s Foundation’s Future of Care redevelopment campaign launch with announcements of the eye clinics in the new Maryland building being named the Buhler Eye Care Centre – reflecting Bonnie and John Buhler’s $2 million donation – and Rooftop Garden and Solarium to be built on Cornish building roof.

2011 – MHC hosts Heritage Group with North American partner organizations; nine Misericordia Sisters attend.

2012 The Maryland South building is demolished. A new 2-storey health complex begins to spring to life along Maryland Avenue.

2013 The Great-West Life Rooftop Garden & Solarium, the first rooftop garden at a hospital in Manitoba, officially opens.

2014 Health Links – Info Santé, the first telephone nurse-based triage system in Canada, celebrates its 20th anniversary.

2014-15 New Maryland building officially opens as Phase 1 of Misericordia’s redevelopment, including Buhler Eye Care Centre, PRIME program and Ambulatory Diagnostic Centre, comes to a close.

2015 New Medical Reprocessing Plant built and MHC parkade expanded with the addition of 100 parking spaces.

2015 Misericordia’s Foundation breaks the Guinness World Record for the Largest Gathering of Angels as part of Angel Squad 20th anniversary celebrations.

2017 Urgent Care is closed and a Community IV Therapy program opens as part of the Manitoba Health, Seniors & Active Living and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s Healing our Health System consolidation plan. Phase 2, a new Sherbrook building, of Misericordia’s redevelopment project is also put on hold.