Patient Safety

At Misericordia, we recognize that achieving and maintaining a culture of safety in our programs and services is essential for our patients, residents and clients. We are committed at all levels to fostering such a culture. One way we do this is by promptly recognizing and responding when something unexpected happens that causes, or could have caused, harm.

MHC actively promotes and participates in the reporting of patient safety events including Critical Incidents (CIs), in order to learn from them and improve our services. In 2013 MHC, in conjunction with the WRHA, implemented an electronic reporting and management system. Reporting, transparency, accountability and learning are essential elements in a safety culture.

We are committed to insure:

  • Disclosure to patients and families affected by an event
  • A thorough review of the events with a focus on potential system improvements
  • Implementation of improvements
  • Information sharing with patients and families, our staff and across the healthcare sector