Religious Services

lighted haloRoman Catholic Mass
Sunday mornings and one day each week, Mass is celebrated in each of the Chapels.

Anointing of the Sick
Residents are provided with the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of the Sick approximately every three months as a means of strength and support on their journey. To arrange for Sacrament of the Sick before surgery, or at a time other than the scheduled services, please contact the Spiritual Health Services office at 204-788-8283, or your pastor or priest.

Inter-Church Services
Misericordia spiritual health providers, and representatives of various Christian traditions alternate in providing religious services in each of the chapels every week.

Multi-Faith Needs
Misericordia cares for people of all traditions and welcomes their religious leaders to visit and provide appropriate support, prayer and rituals. Space suitable for this purpose may be arranged with the Spiritual Health Services office at (204) 788-8283. Dietary needs related to religious seasons and holy days may be arranged by notifying a nurse, or Resident Food Services. The Scarboro Missions Golden Rule Across World Religions offers a brief glimpse into the viewpoint of caring for others by many of the world’s major religions.