Scheduled PCH Respite Care

20170811_132240The respite program arranges for dependent individuals, who require 24-hour care, to be admitted to a personal care home in order to provide a planned period of relief to families.

Cornish 5 respite has 16 single-bed rooms available for respite. Respite care is available for varied lengths of time with the normal stay being two weeks, which allows for caregivers to take time to rest and have a break from providing the 24-hour care.

Clients of Cornish 5 respite have access to medical care from nurses and a physician as well as the other services that are provided at MHC.

Home Care coordinators can assist families and individuals in accessing the program. Each client pays a standard subsidized daily fee.

For more information on services at MHC,  and the subsidized fees, please visit our Long-Term Care program page.