Retail Services

Catering Services

If you are planning a special event like a birthday, special family gathering, or other occasion, Misericordia Health Centre’s Food Services can help with your catering needs. We offer a wide selection of services from fancy sandwiches, vegetable and fruit trays to special buffet meals. A custom selection can also be created. All you have to do is call our Catering Team at (204) 788-8485 for menu options. We will take care of the details and make it special!

Click for more information about Miz Cafe.

Salon Services

Professional hair care is available by appointment at both Angel Salon at Misericordia Health Centre and at Miz Silver Streaks salon at Misericordia Place. Please call:

  • Angel Salon: (204) 788-8136
  • Miz Silver Streaks: (204) 788-8436

Charges to resident trust accounts can be arranged for both salon locations with Finance located on the 5th floor of the Wolseley West building.

The Shop

The (Gift) Shop carries many items for residents’ needs. Proceeds from sales support the activities and programs involved in resident care. Please click for more information about The Shop.


Various types of vendors set up booths here at Misericordia throughout the year to sell their goods or let you know about their services or programs. Find more information and the monthly schedule here.