Your Home

Personalized Care
Interim Care units provide you with a comfortable atmosphere that is bright and homey. Most rooms are shared with single rooms available for those residents with special care needs. We have 111 interim care beds at Misericordia Health Centre.

Misericordia Place, our 100-bed Personal Care Home, has private rooms with wheelchair accessible washrooms.

Special Areas
There are many cozy areas and Activity Rooms to sit and relax. Some of these areas include antique furniture, donated through the Misericordia Foundation.

Misericordia Place features Activity Rooms and a Dining Room that can be used by family and/or friends for special occasions. A small cozy library on the main floor, complete with fireplace and comfortable wingback chairs is also available for residents and families.

There are a number of pianos in our long term areas. Residents and guests are encouraged to share their gift of music.

Other special features in our long-term areas include aquariums and birds, also donated by our Foundation.

Personal Belongings
To personalize your living space, you may wish to bring your own quilt, pillows, religious symbols, photos or other small items.

You are required to bring sufficient clothing (7-day supply for Interim Care) to get dressed each day.

Misericordia Health Centre’s laundry department provides personalized laundry service. Your personal clothing items are labelled (a nominal fee will be charged) and washed, dried and returned directly to your closet on a regular basis. We are unable to provide dry cleaning services.

Read more about laundry services at Misericordia. Do you know your laundry symbols?

Personal or rental equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers and canes will need to be purchased or rented prior to admission.

Each room at Misericordia Place is furnished with a bed and bedside table, wardrobe, dresser, chair and lamps.

Electrical items brought in must be safety checked by our Plant Services staff prior to use.