Mission, Vision and Values



Misericordia Health Centre is a leader in healthy aging through compassion, innovation and excellence.


Misericordia Health Centre is a leading provider of specialized and long-term care programs designed to meet the needs of the aging population in accordance with the Catholic tradition of ethical and spiritual values through the legacy of the Misericordia Sisters.

We serve Manitobans through programs unique to Misericordia: Eye Care Centre of Excellence, Provincial Health Contact Centre and Sleep Disorder Centre.


Caring : Respect : Trust

Mission Day

Sister RosalieJanuary 27 is Mission Day at Misericordia Health Centre!

It is the anniversary of the birthday of Mother Rosalie Cadron, the Founder of the Misericordia Sisters.


The Sisters of Misericordia left us a legacy, a Mission that lives on today at Misericordia Health Centre. Mission Day is about celebrating and recognizing our staff and volunteers at MHC and who make a difference in the lives of everyone they come in contact with every day.

It is a day to be reminded of our “raison d’être,” our purpose and reason for being and doing what we do in the spirit of “compassion of the heart for those in need.”

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