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Eating well for your health just got easier!

Speak to a registered dietitian for FREE.

Do you have a question about nutrition and eating healthy?

Monday to Friday – 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Dial-a-Dietitian is here to answer questions and provide easy-to-use advice on food and nutrition to assist Manitobans and their families to eat well, live well and stay healthy.

Callers will be connected to a registered dietitian, who will help guide callers to make the best decisions based on their needs. Dial-a-Dietitian is shaping the future of eating and healthy living for all Manitobans.

Dial-a-Dietitian services are available in English and French; services in over 100 other languages are also available through over-the-phone interpreters. Any Manitoba resident is welcome to call – the general public, health-care professionals or community leaders. The service is free and confidential; no health-care provider referral required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dial-a-Dietitian?

Dial-a-Dietitian is a convenient, telephone-based service to answer questions and provide caller-focused professional food and nutrition advice. Dial-a-Dietitian gives Manitobans an easy and no-cost way to speak confidentially with a registered dietitian to get trusted advice that will influence and support individuals and families to make informed decisions or behaviour changes to live well and stay healthy.

It’s easy to reach a registered dietitian by calling 204-788-8248 or toll free 1-877-830-2892.

  • Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., excluding statutory holidays
  • Voice messaging is available

Who can call?

The service is available to all residents of Manitoba – a new mom coping with a finicky eater, a physical education teacher coaching young athletes, an older adult living with diabetes or a nurse looking for calcium sources… all can access the service and get the answers they are looking for.

Who will callers be speaking to?

Callers will be connected with a registered dietitian who is a licensed health-care professional trained to provide advice on nutrition, food and healthy eating. Registered dietitians are members of a provincially-regulated profession and the term “registered dietitian” is protected by law.

Registered dietitians are held accountable to the highest standards of education and ethics; they look beyond fads and gimmicks to deliver reliable, life-changing advice.

How often can people call?

There are no limits to how many times a person can call. The service, however, is not set up for long-term or ongoing counselling.

Dial-a-Dietitian has an extensive database of dietitian contact information  to assist with locating local community services and programs as needed.

In what languages is this service available?

The service is available in English and French with access to interpretation for over 100 other languages.

Is a doctor’s referral needed to use this service?

There is no need for a referral from a doctor (or other health-care provider) to use the Dial-a-Dietitian service.

What are common questions from callers?

Registered dietitians answer general questions on food, nutrition, diet, healthy eating, chronic disease prevention and empower self-management strategies. Common questions include:

  • How do I lower my cholesterol?
  • How can I lose weight?
  • I just found out I have diabetes. Where can I go to for help?
  • How much should I feed my baby?
  • Is ________ still safe to eat?
  • How much fibre should I be eating?
  • I don’t drink milk. What can I eat to make sure I get enough calcium? Do I need a calcium supplement?
  • How can I get my child to eat vegetables?

How do callers receive the information?

Answers to questions, nutrition advice and tips are provided verbally over the phone during a conversation with the dietitian. Resources can also be mailed to the caller.

The information provided by Dial-a-Dietitian is intended to be informative and educational and is not a replacement for professional medical evaluation, advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment by a health-care provider.

Is there a charge to use this service?

Service is FREE of charge.

What questions will the dietitian ask callers?

In order to create a confidential secure file and provide advice that is more personalized, the caller’s name, date of birth, gender, phone number, and mailing address will be requested.

During the call, the registered dietitian may ask about, for example, current eating habits, other health issues, and readiness for lifestyle change. Callers will also be asked how they heard about the Dial-a-Dietitian service. The answers provide valuable information about the service users and can help to improve the service.

All information is kept confidential. Callers’ requests for anonymity are respected.

Do the dietitians offer group education or presentations?

The services offered by the registered dietitians involve 1:1 conversations over the phone.  They may be available to be present at booths or displays that would promote the Dial-a-Dietitian program but currently do not offer group education, classes, or presentations. Dial-a-Dietitian pamphlets are available by calling 204-788-8248 or toll free 1-877-830-2892. Dial-a-Dietitian provides general food/nutrition and health promotion information through Facebook as Dial-a-Dietitian Manitoba.

There are a number of private practice dietitians who will do these types of group activities for a fee.  Private practice dietitians are listed on the College of Dietitians of Manitoba website.

In Winnipeg, the Community Nutrition Educator (CNE) program may also be available to do presentations and events.  To find out more about the CNE program, go to the WRHA nutrition website.

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