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Eye Emergency

Misericordia is open 24/7 for patients experiencing urgent eye issues: please present at Patient Registration through our 99 Cornish Avenue entrance.

Our dynamic Eye Care Centre of Excellence is the largest comprehensive surgical and treatment program in Western Canada.

We have 27 surgical ophthalmologists on staff – many with subspecialty training – serving Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, the Territories and Nunavut. We perform more than 13,000 eye surgeries annually, including corneal transplants.

Eye surgery at Misericordia

More than 40,000 patients are assessed and treated annually in our ambulatory eye clinics in the state-of-the-art Buhler Eye Care Centre. Our clinics – offering specialized testing such as fluorescein angiography and eye ultrasound – include residency teaching, oncology, macular degeneration, and retinal – where intravitreal injections are used to administer medications to treat a variety of retinal conditions.

Our ophthalmologists provide 24-hour on-call services with 14 Eye Assessment Unit beds available.

Complementing our centre of excellence is the University of Manitoba Ophthalmology Residency Program, including a resident clinic and wet lab, where residents can practice surgical skills – a critical component of resident training. Residents, fellows and faculty have access to the lab which offers ample opportunity to hone different surgical techniques. Read the latest University of Manitoba Department of Ophthalmology newsletter!

We are also home to the Misericordia Eye Bank. Accredited with the Eye Bank Association of America, Accreditation Canada and following CSA and Health Canada Standards, eye donations are used for transplantation and education. We are appreciative of the support and partnership with the Lions Foundation of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario.

Support for you – and your family

Our Eye Care Centre of Excellence has a social worker available to support you and your family on psychosocial issues which could impact functioning, recovery and your general well-being and can assist in locating and arranging resources in the community to help you with grief, loss, change, stress and anxiety.

MHC nursing, social work and occupational therapy staff are also available to provide eye-related and health promotion/illness prevention sessions, eye care and adaptive counselling, glaucoma screening and post-discharge follow up.

Diagnostic Procedures

Many diagnostic techniques are used to assess the anatomy and physiology of the eye structures. In addition to routine examinations done during a check up, the following are some of the specialized tests that are done in specific circumstances.

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