Corneal Transplants

Corneal TransplantsWhat is a corneal transplant?

It is the replacement of diseased or damaged corneal tissue with healthy donated tissue.

Why is it done?

To improve vision when the existing cornea is cloudy or thickened by or disease.

What is the process?

Once you and your ophthalmologist agree you need a corneal transplant, your name is put on a list at the Eye Bank and you are prioritized by the corneal surgeon when tissue becomes available. Under local anesthetic, the surgeon replaces the damaged cornea with the healthy tissue.

Please refer to the Patient Guide Before Eye Surgery – English or French. Should you have questions regarding any information on the instructions, call the Preoperative Assessment Clinic at 204-788-8531.

After surgery you will be given specific printed postoperative information. Refer to the instruction guidelines following corneal graft surgery – English or French.

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