Candace Blundell, PRIME

Candace Blundell

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing our world and health-care professionals are on the front lines.

PRIME case manager Candace Blundell is digging deeper during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure her clients are taken care of.

MHC’s PRIME program usually cares for 70 clients with complex needs, and sees up to 40 clients each day. Because of physical distancing requirements they’ve had to cut that number down to 10 and increase the after-hours outreach visits to make sure people are still being taken care of.

“Many clients have no family, so we look to see who might miss extra care if we don’t see them once a week,” said Candace.

The reduction in day clients means some of PRIME’s staff—including nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, health-care aides, dietitians and rehabilitation assistants—are helping in other areas of the health centre.

It’s been hard, Candace says, to continuously reassess and prioritize clients who need the most care—whether it’s care for wounds or their mental health—and determine the list of 10 who will come for care at MHC.

“COVID-19 is making that very challenging. It’s a constant reassessment, but so far, it’s worked well. There is always support available 24 hours a day if our clients need us.”

Families are grateful to PRIME staff for looking out for their loved ones—sometimes the only people who can during this time. And those loved ones are very appreciative of the support, which can include picking up groceries and delivering to clients’ homes.

“That’s what makes PRIME so different and unique. As a case manager, it’s whatever our clients need. Anything. And everybody really appreciates any sort of contact at this point.”

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