Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get to ….?

A: There are more than 30 different clinics at MHC! If you are coming to the Sleep Disorder Centre (3rd floor), for blood work (first floor, beside Diagnostic Imaging), or to see Drs Bellan* or Mathen* (2nd floor, Buhler Eye Care Centre) you may proceed straight to those respective areas. If you are visiting for a different appointment please report to patient registration on the first floor.

* If you have an eye procedure scheduled with Drs Bellan or Mathen, please report to patient registration first.

Q: I’m picking up someone from surgery. Where can I find my loved one?

A: You can visit the information desk located at our 99 Cornish Avenue entrance to inquire as to the whereabouts of your loved one.

Q: Where is the finance office?

A: Finance is on the fifth floor of the Wolseley building. Take Elevator E located between the cafeteria and the auditorium, to the fifth floor. Finance is open between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Payments outside of this time may be made in the security office in the main hallway.

Q: Where is the cafeteria?

A: The cafeteria is located near the Wolseley entrances.

Q: Do you have a Lost and Found?

A: The Security Office in the main hallway has a Lost and Found.

Q: My parking meter doesn’t work! Or … How come I can’t get into / out of the parkade?

A: Please refer to the Security Office in the main hallway for any parking issues.

Q: Where is BreastCheck?

A: Our partner BreastCheck is across the street at 25 Sherbrook Street.

Q: How do I get to Interim Care?

A: Take one of the three “A” elevators (across from the fish tank, near the information desk) to get to our Interim Care floors.

Q: Where can I get change or find a bank machine?

A: Both the change machine and the ATM are beside the information desk at our 99 Cornish Avenue entrance.

Q: Where can I buy a newspaper?

A: There are boxes at MHC’s Wolseley and Sherbrook entrances, as well as Misericordia Place’s Furby St. entrance.

Q: Where can I mail a letter?

A: There are mailboxes located at 25 Sherbrook Street near Misericordia’s parkade entrance and outside the front doors of Misericordia Place.

Q: Where can I buy stamps?

A: Stamps are available in the Gift Shop in the main MHC hallway and at the reception desk at Misericordia Place.

Q: My Mom is coming to Interim Care (or Misericordia Place) and I would like a tour.

A: Any questions about LTC tours or admissions, please visit our Social Work department on the second floor in the Sherbrook building (take Elevator B).

Q: Where is the gift shop?

A: The gift shop is near the Wolseley entrance in the main hallway.