Linda Lee, Education Services

Linda Lee

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing our world and health-care professionals are on the front lines.

“Every day is always different, even pre-COVID-19,” says Linda Lee, on her role as an education facilitator at Misericordia.

Linda works primarily educating staff on the Transitional Care Units and PRIME. She also helps facilitate general and long-term care orientation. The Education Services team work collaboratively to disseminate best-practice information and provide mandatory education for staff.

With the onset of COVID-19, Linda and the Education Services team have been mostly working with redeployed MHC staff. For example, providing orientation for clinical staff who’ve moved to long-term care roles.

“I’ve worked with acute-care nurses to educate staff on the personal protective equipment (PPE) process. I’ve also helped with education for new staff who are training to be COVID-19 ‘extenders’ at Health Links – Info Santé,” says Linda about how her job has evolved due to the pandemic.

Physical distancing and proper COVID-19 protocol is always top of mind for Linda when she’s facilitating an education session.

“Our whole means of providing education has changed.”

Normally, long-term education happens with staff sitting in close proximity, learning from one another. Nowadays, Linda relies more on PowerPoint presentations.

“I don’t know if things will be quite the same post-COVID-19. I think that some good things will come out of this all – people will be more aware and value personal interactions.”

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