Melissa Zepp, Infection Prevention & Control

Melissa Zepp

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing our world and health-care professionals are on the front lines.

Melissa Zepp’s job title at MHC depends on who you ask.

“Infection control professional,” says Melissa, “or you could just say ‘germ cop,’ that’s what my son calls me.”

Germ cop – and teacher. A lot of what Melissa is doing around the health centre these days, beyond infection control “surveillance,” includes education. And calming nerves.

“The majority of what I do when it comes to COVID-19 is dispelling some of the myths…reducing anxiety about how things are spread and talking about the evidence.”

It’s much the same as she did pre-COVID-19, but more of it.

“I’m a whole lot busier. My pager goes off like wildfire. I’m spending a significant more time doing education.”

One result of COVID-19 is people are more interested in what she has to say, and some of those people are learning basic facts—like, how the virus can spread.

“You can’t absorb the virus through your skin,” explains Melissa. The virus primarily enters through your eyes, nose and mouth.

“If you touch stuff other people have touched, wash your hands before touching your face.

“Really, don’t touch your face,” says Melissa. “And if you have to touch your face – wash your hands first.”

Everyone can protect each other by following COVID-19 precautions:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Social distancing (keep two metres apart)
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue or your elbow (not your hands)
  • Avoid greetings that involve touching, like handshakes

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