Tania Maryalaya, Transitional Care

Tania Maryalaya

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing our world and health-care professionals are on the front lines.

Tania Maryalaya is expecting her third child in August, and the first two children are excited, though their reasons differ slightly.

“My boy wants a brother, and my girl wants a baby sister,” she says.

They want something else, also, especially now that COVID-19 is keeping them home from school.

“They would prefer me to be home with them.”

Tania is a Resident Care Manager at MHC’s Cornish 5 Transitional Care Unit.

She’s been busy organizing the response to COVID-19 on her unit, including keeping her clients and staff safe and freeing-up respite beds. Usually 16 of the 39 beds on her unit are used for respite care. By making them available, Tania’s unit is poised to respond if the virus hits Winnipeg harder.

“If needed, an acute-care site can free up their beds (for COVID-19 patients) by sending their TCU-appropriate patients to our site.”

Her staff have been adapting and are up-to-speed on all the new procedures and health-care directives, which sometimes change hourly, Tania says.

And they’ve been especially looking out for her well-being.

“I have great staff who are supporting me throughout the pregnancy. The doctor on my unit has also been very considerate and supportive.”

Keep COVID-19 informed by visiting: covid19manitoba.ca

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